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As a consultant, Extra multi-ressources specializes in three spheres of activity, being the management of the operations logistics, the management of employees' files as well as the audits.

Human resources management of the operations logistics

At Extra multi-ressources, an advisory service is offered for the optimization of transport operations logistic, storing and distribution, analysis, recommendation and follow-ups. This advisory service means to be an analysis of the complete chain of operation, from the raw material up to the finished product.

Management of employees' files

To the great relief of the industry, an external service of management and verification is available regarding compliance with laws and government regulations (Canadian and American) that all companies which carry out transport must comply to, whether carriers or distributors. Aware that the contractor must primarily devote his time to his own tools and services, Extra multi-ressources ensure compliance of the contents of the driver's files, of the screening of drug and alcohol as well as the respect of Bill 430.


In order to present viable and relevant solutions, Extra multi-ressources provides audit services to companies. For this purpose, an audit allows the analysis of the files under the terms of the provincial, federal and American laws of the field of transport. In the service of your interests, the analysis is followed by a report stating strengths and weaknesses as well as corporate objectives linked to it. Finally, findings from the analysis will lead to recommendations to offer the best solutions for your company.

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